Kisscut, by Karin Slaughter

Second the "Grant County" series, after Blindsighted. I got the audiobook of this from the library, because the previous in the series was OK and I thought this might be better. But it wasn't.

Perhaps even more than the last one, this seems to relies a lot on gruesome (although thankfully not lingeringly explicit) nasty scenes for effect, rather than complex or interesting storyline.

The story here is of a paedophile ring (or maybe set of paedophile groups) but it didn't feel very plausible - e.g. many of them had a special tattoo on their hand which identified them as "child lovers": seems a bit of a risky thing to do if you don't want to be caught.

There was quite a lot in the story that related back to the first book: one of the (rescued) victims from that book spent much of this one agonising over her experience and having it affect her approach to what was going on in this book, so maybe you'd miss out if not reading that one first.

There was no suspense or interest in the story: the police/Sara didn't work out anything, it seemed more a case that they'd have someone who'd confess something and spend ages explaining their part in the plot, which led them to talk to someone else, who'd eventually spill their story, and so on.

The writing was irritatingly bad - rarely using "said", but quite often "provided", stuff like '"I'm sorry," he apologised', and "a smell that reminded her of chemicals". Things were not at all helped by the reader of this book, who made the whole thing sound like she was reading a Peter and Jane ladybird book. And she had dubious pronunciation which got on my nerves e.g. "veHEment".

I might try a "Trent County" one but won't follow up this series.

Completed : 03-Dec-2014

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