The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

Amir is a young boy growing up in Afghanistan, whose best friend is Hassan. But Hassan is a servant, and when his status attracts the attention of a gang of bullies, Amir runs away rather than help his friend. This moment of cowardice haunts Amir from that day on. After Russia invades, Amir and his father leave the country and move to America, where Amir eventually trains as a doctor. But then he hears from an old friend back in his native country, and is drawn back to face up to the consequences of his childhood betrayal.

Very good read: the sense of friendship and loss was well conveyed, as was the impression of the country where they were growing up. There were a couple of unexpected twists in the story, and it wasn't an altogether happy ending, but on the whole it was an uplifting book.

Completed : 01-Jan-2006

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