Land of the Living, by Nicci French

This one starts with Abbie finding herself bound and hooded, help captive by an unknown man who is keeping her alive, but presumably not for very long: he tells her how her pleas are not much different from "the others" - a list of women who presumably have been through what Abbie is now experiencing.

A bit like Catch Me When I Fall, there is a suggestion here that Abbie has some mental instability, and when she does manage to escape, she has lost all memory of the couple of weeks preceding the abduction, and is unable to convince the police or doctors that what she went through is anything more than a paranoid fantasy. But she realises that there's one person who definitely does know that she was abducted, and that person presumably is not going to let sleeping dogs lie.

Not a bad one this - there was a sense of menace, and a bit of uncertainty: as more became clear about Abbie's background, there was reason for the reader to doubt whether she was an entirely reliable narrator. There were a couple of twists that I saw coming, but fortunately the identity of the abductor was not one of them - that was satisfyingly untidy.

Completed : 08-Feb-2009

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