Live To Tell, by Lisa Gardner

Three women: a cop who's investigating a "family annihilation" where a guy has gone beserk and killed his family before turning the gun on himself; a mother who's abused by her own 8 year-old son, and a nurse working in a facility looking after kids who've got severe behavioural problems. Initially distinct, the stories soon start to overlap.

A point of interest with this book was that there were three separate readers. One thing that jarred here was that whoever was reading the nurses part sounded much too old - the nurse was meant to be in her thirties I think, but the reader sounded more like 50-something. Maybe partly as a result of that, I had very little sympathy for her character.

To start with, I found the first-person narratives (nurse and mother) a bit less interesting, and the third-person sections about the cop to be what I was looking forward to. The "mother" bits got better, and there were some rather spooky passages as she tried to cope with her rather evil and dangerous child.

This was a bit over-long, but was quite enjoyable, and there were plenty of false trails and red herrings (I thought I'd spotted whodunnit fairly early on but I'd been satisfyingly misled). I found myself looking forward to hearing the next chunk.

The ending was a bit naff and cliched, but overall it was a pleasant enough read. Would read another by this author.

Completed : 21-Mar-2012 (audiobook)

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