Looking Good Dead, by Peter James

Second Roy Grace book. This is the one where some eastern european gang kidnaps people and then kills them on camera for paying subscribers.

Not as good as the first one but still a worthwhile read. This one did have a number of passages which were verbatim taken from the first novel (e.g. explaining about Grace's missing wife) which I suppose you could excuse on the basis of wanting to make it possible for people to read this book without having read the first, but seemed a little bit lazy.

He also (and this happens in every book, I think) talks about the technique of telling whether or not someone is lying by checking which way their eyes look when they're telling the truth (ask them something that they won't lie about, and look to see which way their eyes move: if they move in the opposite direction when you ask them a later question, it's an indication that they're fabricating). I've tried this, and it doesn't work!

A bit of supernatural stuff here but not as distracting as the first book.

Completed : 24-October-2015

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