Mind Prey, by John Sandford

A woman psychiatrist and her two daughters are abducted by someone who's an ex-patient. The woman has political connections, and Davenport is brought in to help.

Another good one. Although looking back on it the framework for the story is fairly standard, I was never quite sure exactly how it was going to work out: there were a couple of places I thought "oh, we've found this out, but we're only a third through the book".

The psycho in this case was a fan of role playing games, and so knew Davenport and taunted him, when he found that Lucas was involved in the investigation. This would have seemed a bit contrived if I'd not already read several of these books and known about Davenport's back-story.

Will be worth reading again.

..and in fact I did read it again, nine years later. and yes, it was pretty good. And this is a slight change in style - no serial killer this time, striking random people.

This was the hardest one to get on audiobook - not officially available in this country on audiobook ("for rights reasons" was what they told me) so I eventually managed to get a cassette copy from ebay that was an ex-library copy (took a while for one to become available though), and transferred that via Audacity into itunes. But worth the effort!

Completed : 04-Mar-2007

Completed : 18-Jun-2014 (audiobook)

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