Money, by Martin Amis

John Self is some kind of film producer: as the book opens he's in America trying to get a movie off the ground, although he's distracted by the idea that his girlfriend back home is seeing someone else.

I got to the third CD of this (out of twelve), and it wouldn't play properly in the car. Rather than try and sort it out, I gave up with no small sense of relief. I didn't like this book.

I think the writing was very competent, and reasonably stylish, but the story was just unpleasant. Maybe it was meant ironically, but the picture painted of the sleazy, lazy oaf who's the novel's narrator (I guess his name is significant), didn't endear me to him at all and put me off altogether.

Maybe it picks up later in the story, but I just didn't fancy another ten hours of it, especially as I have Espresso Tales ready to go.

Gave up : 24-Oct-2008 (audiobook)

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