The Moon and Sixpence, by W Somerset Maugham

Charles Strickland, a banker, gives up his life in London, leaves his wife and family and goes to live in France, determined to become a painter. This is based on the life of Paul Gaughin.

I read this book a long time ago, so vaguely remembered it. It's quite a good story - I'm not sure how well it corresponds with the life of the real Gaughin, but Strickland is very convincingly portrayed as someone who, while insufferable to live with, is nevertheless plausibly charismatic. You can believe that people would want to follow him, even though he treats everyone like muck.

The writing was really nice - reminded me a bit of Author, Author - so elegant in style, and such a pleasure to read (or listen to).

Completed : 29-Jun-2011 (audiobook)

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