Mortal Prey, by John Sandford

This book sees the return of Clara Rinker, who previously turned up in Certain Prey, where she met Davenport but eluded him. Now following a failed attempt to have her killed, she's back, and out for revenge on the mob bosses set up the bungled hit. This brings her back from semi-retirement in Mexico, and into Lucas' jurisdiction again.

A great story. Took a little while to get going, but really got going. Clara's unborn child and her husband were both killed in the attack on her, and the people responsible are all criminals anyway, so you have a lot of sympathy for Clara as she works her way down the list of people she wants to whack. Her trademark careful planning is well detailed and plausible, and you sense that Sandford is willing her on.

I really enjoyed this one, and unlike some reviews I've seen, thought the ending worked very well. Sandford resists any temptation to have any kind of stand-off scene between Clara and Lucas at the end of the book, which I think would have been the way that things would have happened in most books of this type: a conversation between the hero and anti-hero where they tell each other what they think. Instead, the books ends with a feeling that there was more to have been said - which I think is better than feeling that too much was.

Good one.

Re-read in May 2012, going through a bit of a phase of revisiting these books and they're just as good as I'd remembered. I'm going to have to work hard not to listen to them all again, in case the experience is spoiled.

Really enjoyed this one again, and was willing Rinker to get away with it even though I knew she wouldn't. I'm not sure I found the ending was quite right: don't know if it might have been more believable if Rinker had just disappeared at the end, although Sandford does supply a reason why she didn't.

Re-read in 2014. Fantastic. Maybe even better than the first Rinker novel. I was really gunning for Clara and hoping she'd make it (even though I've read the book twice before). I really liked the way Sandford must have plotted it out, but while letting you into some of what Clara's plans were, you didn't know about all of them. That way, you didn't discover what was going on until Lucas did, although it then became obvious that Clara had been even more organised than you thought.

Completed : 30-Jul-2007 (audiobook)

Completed : 19-May-2012 (audiobook)

Completed : 07-Sep-2014 (audiobook)

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