Mr Wrong, by Elizabeth Jane Howard

A collection of short stories, not all of which I listened to, because the last CD was missing.

These were a bit varied. At least one was a ghost stories, which I didn't like so much, but there were a couple of really good ones: Pont du Gard had a family holiday, where the teenage daughter has brought along her schoolfriend, and they go swimming while the parents talk. The husband admits to having had an affair, but only does this because the affair has finished and he wants sympathy from his wife for the way the other woman dumped him. It sounds outrageous but it was written so well that it felt believable. And the husband obviously has his eye on his daughter's friend.

Another good one was The Whip Hand which has a child actress turning the tables on her over-controlling mother.

They felt a little bit dated - not sure when the book was written but I'd guess '60s or '70s - but the writing was very good, so worth reading. And not a bad time to get an audiobook with a missing disk: at least I got several complete stories.

Completed : 28-October-2015 (audiobook)

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