My Gal Sunday, by Mary Higgins Clark

Boy is this a bad book. Implausible tosh. I had to listen to it all to find out if it was really as poor as it seemed.

This is four short stories about the ex-president of the USA and his wife, who's a congresswoman. Together, they form a sort of Hart-to-Hart sleuthing team, risking life and limb to solve crimes.

The ex-president (who enjoyed the maximum two terms, and might have had more if a movement to change the constitution had got off the ground - he was the most popular president ever) is in his early forties, has trained as a lawyer, also has a degree in architecture, and can pilot jet planes and yachts. His wife is a congresswoman who was previously a public defender, and is blessed with a perfect memory of all the cases she's ever dealt with. She can also cook beautifully.

I hadn't realised this wasn't a single story, and so assumed that the apparent simplicity of the first mini-story was going to be turned upside down by a twist in the plot, just as the villain was apprehended. But no, it just finished then and moved on to the next adventure. There was no complex plotting, no mystery, no tension. If I'd been reading it, I wouldn't have bothered to finish it.

Completed : 31-Oct-2003 (audiobook, read by Laurel Lefkow)

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