Never Go Back (Jack Reacher), by Lee Child

Followed directly from the last on I read, where he was on his way to Washington to meet a woman major who's running the unit he used to command Reacher arrested on two charges based on events in his past so long ago he has trouble remembering. Apparently when he left the forces he signed a standard form which meant that he could be re-enlisted at any time for the next 10 years or something, so they do that to keep him around. But they seem not to be too careful about it and Reacher could run for it. Which he might have done, if it weren't for the fact that the Woman he came to meet has just been arrested. Something dodgy is going on and reacher is going to find out what

Like that one, there was a bit too much conspiracy stuff here - bigwigs in the military including the person who was chief of intelligence in afghanistan involved in some criminal thing

Also, not so many twists in this one. The goodies stay goodies rather than turning out to be baddies, which happened in previous books

Good read though

Completed : 12-Jan-2015

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