One, by Sarah Crossan

Another 99pm Kindle deal. This is the story of Tippi and Grace, who are siamese twins. It's written "by" Grace, in free verse.

It was a nice read. I think it's aimed at young adults. The free verse worked OK although when I came to write this review I'd forgotten it was in free verse, so perhaps it didn't have a fantastically strong effect. Some quotes:

'Tic Tac' she asks,
holding out a transparent box brimming
with tiny white capsules.

Out classmates have offered us nothing
a wide    berth
so I'm surprised Margot is even talking to me.

Tippi shivers and pulls a blanket around her shoulders.
I jump and stare at her.
    'What?' she asks,
    'Did you forget I was here?'

She laughs
   and I look away


for a moment
   I had forgotten

Eventually they agree to an operation to separate them, which involves having implants under their skin to stretch it, so that there'll be enough to use when they're no longer co-joined:

And I get to thinking
that all this waiting,
just waiting,
is a great big waste of
the last moments
of our lives.

Completed : 16-July-2016

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