One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, by Christopher Brookmyre

This is the one where a bunch of middle-aged people receive invitations to a school reunion on an oil rig that's beeen converted into a luxury hotel. Unbeknownst to the partygoers, a bunch of mercenaries has plans to storm the oil rig/hotel and hold them all to ransom. Or that's how things start...

Good mix of violence, nostalgia and humour. Fairly predictable and the characters he has are not fantastically distinctive, but it's dead easy to read, and pretty page-turny.

Nice bit towards the beginning where there's a couple of guys discussing the difference between convention and cliche when it comes to films: convention, such as heroes receiving bullet wounds in their shoulder, is expected and fine; cliche, such as the "dead" villain turning out not actually to be dead, and getting up for a last attack is not. And various other discussions on what kind of disbelief it's OK to suspend when watching films. And at the end of the book, someone takes a shot to the shoulder.

Completed : 20-Feb-2011

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