Operation Mincemeat, by Ben Macintyre

This is a bit of a rare treat: a 99p kindle deal of the day that was well worth getting.

Mincemeat was the name of the secret operation to fool the Germans into thinking that an allied attack would focus on Sardinia, rather than Sicily. A corpse was found, kitted out as a British soldier, and dumped in the Mediterranean where it was hoped the Germans would come across it. Documents with the soldier would, it was hoped, lead the Germans to believe that the forthcoming allied attack would focus on Sardinia, and not Sicily.

This story was the background of Letters for a Spy, which I remember enjoying - although that was a fictionalised imagining of how the Germans might have gone about verifying the identity of the soldier: something which never happened in real life.

There was loads of interesting historical detail in this book, some of which I highlighed:

Very readable, made me want to read more.

Completed : 11-May-2015

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