Out, by Natsuo Kirino

Four women work on the night shift in a factory in Japan that makes packed lunchboxes. All have problems in their lives: one of them in particular is tired of her husband's gambling and when he comes home and punches her, it's a provocation too far, and she kills him. Then she approaches the other three women to help her dispose of the body.

I got this from the library after reading a review of another book on Amazon (can't remember what) which said "if you want a real thrill, read Out".

The book was fairly atmospheric - not sure how much that was due to the subject matter versus the writing style - it did feel that it was a story taking place in a slightly unreal setting, and so some of the peculiarities of behaviour didn't feel quite as odd as perhaps they would have done if the story had been set in London.

The book was not nearly so gruesome or horrific as some of the reviews I'd seen had led me to expect. And even given the unfamiliar cultural setting, I found the story a little bit implausible. It was readable, but not particularly gripping. I think I might read another by this author, but I wouldn't be that bothered about rushing out and finding them.

Completed : 05-Oct-2011

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