The Photographer's Wife, by Nick Alexander

Another 99p deal of the day from Amazon. This has a story that switches between the present day and the 1940s..60s. Sophie is a professional photographer who's trying to make a name for herself and has the idea of organising a retrospective of her father's work - her father being a prize-winning newspaper photographer who died when she was only a child.

Through the book, we learn more about Sophie's parents - Barbara, her mum, is the eponymous spouse who is quite resistant to Sophie's idea of the exhibition, and is unhelpful on the subject of Sophie's father's life.

I quite enjoyed this one - I liked the way that my feelings towards Barbara changed as the book progressed: at the start she seemed an obvious dog-in-the-manger pain, but slowly you get to see things from her point of view and it her actions seem reasonable and sympathetic.

The ending was a bit sudden, and I think was meant to come as a bit of a reveal, but it wasn't hard to see where things were going, so that didn't work so well. But I think the overall structure and flavour of the novel was good, so despite it being a bit chick-littie, I'd give this author another go next time there's a 99p deal-of-the-day on one of his books.

Completed : 15-Apr-2015

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