Play to Kill, by P J Tracy

Videos of murders are turning up on the web and the FBI is worried - they don't know whether this is the work of one person, or some kind of secret club. And because there are so many videos that are staged, or faked, they come to Monkeewrench (the company of hackers from previous PJT books which develops sophisticated crime-solving software) to see if they can discover who's posting the videos.

I bought this because I needed a book to read and hadn't got one with me: I'd read the previous PJT books and from memory they'd been... OK. And so was this: not great, but OK.

The construction of the story was a bit odd though: at a fairly early stage in the book, Monkeewrench's involvement, and details of their investigation were made public, which spawned a series of copycat crimes. The effect on Monkeewrench was to make it more difficult to pursue the original criminal(s); the effect on the book was that there were several rather damp-squib plot-lines where murders were solved and perpetrators apprehended with no significant trouble.

Not great but OK.

Completed : 09-Apr-2012

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