Presumed Innocent, by Scott Turrow

An attourney(?) is accused of killing a fellow lawyer, who he admits he was having an affair with. The book is told in the first person, so you're not sure how reliable the narrator is.

This was another 99p Kindle book, and I'd heard of it so assumed it was pretty good.

I read this over 8 weeks ago now, and didn't make any notes at the time so the details of the story have faded quite a lot. I think it was competently written but a bit over-long. Various court-room stuff and legal shennanigans, but not as much as I'd expected, because a lot of it focused on the politics (I don't really get the American system of public prosecutors being elected etc., but that plays a part in this book).

I wasn't really on the edge of my seat to find out what had happened, and it took me quite a long time to read the book (IIRC) so I'm not sure I'd bother reading any more in this vein. The other Scott Turrow book I read was better than this.

Completed : 17-Feb-2015

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