The Rainmaker, by John Grisham

Guy approaching the end of lawschool attends a session at an old peoples' home with one of his lecturers and picks up a couple of cases to work on for free: one of these turns out to have the potential to be a blockbuster lawsuit: an insurance company has refused to pay a claim by someone who's now dying for lack of treatment, even though he was covered by the policy.

Very readable but I was a bit surprised at how few things went wrong. E.g. will he pass his exams? ... yes. Will the police arrest him for damaging the office of a rival law firm? ... no. When the hostile judge dies and needs replacing, will it be with a someone who's very favourably disposed to his case? ... yes. Will he get the girl who he falls for? ...what do you think.

Good holiday reading.

Completed : 25-Mar-2005

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