The Ringworld Engineers, by Larry Niven

Some years after the original trip to Ringworld, Louis Wu has become a wirehead. But again he's approached by a puppeteer who wants to organise another trip to the fabulous world. Speaker to Animals is coming too. When they get near to the system, it's obvious that there's a problem: the Ringworld's orbit has gone wonky and the system appears to be doomed.

This turned out to be better than I'd expected: the book reveals who it was that built the Ringworld, and provides a plausible explanation of what went wrong to cause the "Fall of the Cities" which was described in the previous book, as well as the current problems with the entire system.

In fact, maybe this was better than the first book, now I come to think of it: he does a very good job of bringing together various strands of ideas and making the whole thing coherent. Will be worth reading again in 15 years time, when I've forgotten all about it again.

Completed : 24-May-2007

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