Rogue Male, by Geoffrey Household

Our unnamed protagonist is in Germany(?) in the 30's when he's captured and tortured, before escaping from captivity and making his way back to England and then hiding out in the country to evade pursuit.

Another recommendation from A Good Read although I think I'd always had a mind to read this book. I think I remember seeing the Peter O'Toole film version when I was younger and being impressed by it.

It's a pretty good tale, and funny in that our hero is so casual about the problems he faces. At the start of the book, we're given to understand that (among other things) he's had his fingernails pulled out, but he doesn't go on about the pain except to note that it's a bit of a nuisance not being able to perform certain tasks (such as tying his shoelaces), and complaining that he has to wear gloves so that people won't comment on his deformed hands.

As well as not disclosing his own identity, the details about who's after him are somewhar unclear: this is supposedly because the book is in the form of an account to be found in the event of his death, and he doesn't want to leave details in there which may cause embarrassment to his own side.

Was a good read.

Completed : 08-Dec-2013

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