Flowers 03:Rough Country, by John Sandford

Third Virgil Flowers book. Virgil gets to investigate the murder of a high-powered businesswoman who was spending time at an outdoor activity resort for women. The resort has a clientele that is largely lesbian, which is good for the local town's trade, but is a cause of antagonism to some of the town's inhabitants.

I quite liked Dark of the Moon, but didn't think it was quite of the standard of the Prey novels. But this one was definitely up there - different, but as good as, a Davenport thriller.

The main thing that struck me about this book was the humour. Virgil is a lot more laid back than Lucas, and people tend to be less intimidated by him and so are apt to be less careful in what they say to him, which can be very funny - in fact I laughed out loud quite a bit in this book. I read it in about a day (although it's a couple of weeks now since I finished it, and it's gone back to the library, so I can't quote any of the funny lines directly).

One thing I do remember, and that has recurred to me a few times since, is when Virgil is introduced to an attractive woman, whose first words to him are "my face is up here".

The story was good, and characters believable, just like a Prey book. Well worth the read.

I've ordered the second book, Heat Lightning from the library.

Completed : 04-Oct-2009

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