The Safe House, by Nicci French

Samantha is a doctor studying treatment of post-traumatic stress who moves from London into the country, just after a horrific double-murder has taken place near the house she's moved to. There is one survivor from the crime: the daughter of the dead couple, who, after leaving hospital, needs somewhere to stay. Where better than Sam's house?

When I started the book, it didn't seem like a NF book because it was not written in the first person by Sam. However, after a couple of chapters of scene setting, it did revert to type, and Sam takes over to tell the story. But it's unlike other NF books I've read in that Sam's situation didn't seem particularly dangerous for the large part of the book; although, this being the kind of book it is, one assumes that the killer is going to make another appearance and that Sam is in some kind of jeopardy, there was not much tension or clue as to where any danger might come from.

I'm not sure it was that good a read though: it was a change to read something that's different from the standard NF formula (or at least the formula of the other three books I've read), but it was not very exciting, and the denouement was a bit of a let-down. Probably wouldn't bother recommending this one.

Completed : 04-Jan-2009

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