Salems Lot, by Stephen King

The one about vampires, which I remembered as being spooky enough that I was nervous about re-reading it.

Like Pet Sematary, this turned out not to be quite as terrifying as I'd remembered. Perhaps it was the TV adaptation, which I remember being pretty scared by, that I'd been thinking of. But it was satisfyingly tense.

The section where there's a couple downstairs discussing the possibility of vampires, and they hear someone moving upstairs in the room where they know there's a dead body, was very effective. I was having skin-tingles at that.

And at one point, the chief vampire attacks someone who manages to get away. They ask him "what can you remember about him? Anything at all?" The boy says "he had blue chalk on his hands". And they started trying to work out what schoolrooms might have blue chalk. I was nearly shouting "POOL TABLE" at the book.

Great read.

Completed : 5-March-2017

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