Second Glance, by Jodi Picoult

Story that (at the start anyway) is about a guy who lost his partner in a tragic accident and has been beating himself up about it ever since; he's worked for a while as a researcher into the paranormal and has consulted for a TV ghost program, but he's mainly haunted by the memory of his lost love.

Probably there's more to it than that - I have listened to the first five CDs out of sixteen and decided to pack it in. This was a very slow book, and not gripping at all. There is a fair amount of ghostly stuff going on, which I'm probably not very sympathetic too in any event, but here it was just annoying how there seem to be no set rules governing their behaviour. E.g. we are told several times that in order to appear, the spirits have to draw energy from something, and that this explains why e.g. people feel a chill just before a spectral appearance. But then we get episodes where significant amounts of energy must have been employed - e.g. a demolished house is completely rebuilt, with no suggestion of how they managed to derive the power to do it. Basically, it seems like Picoult makes things up as she goes along and doesn't try to be consistent.

After about 4 CDs (which have taken me a couple of weeks to get through), the story changes and moves back sixty years, presumably to give background as to the people who are subsequently to appear as ghosts. This seemed like it might be a bit interesting - the main character here is married to someone who's into eugenics, and I wanted to get drawn into this part of the plot. But after a CD of this I really couldn't be bothered.

Not sure if all of Picoult's books are supernatural type things (she's done quite a lot of books) but I'm not going to bother to find out.

Gave up : 18-Dec-2008 (audiobook)

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