The Second World War, by Antony Beevor

More or less what it says on the tin. It felt like quite a long book - around 40 hours of audio - but at the same time, more or less every section didn't feel long enough: I wanted to know more.

AB has several other WW2 books out, and I guess that several of the chapters in this book are more or less distilled from whole books (e.g. on Berlin, Stalingrad, the Ardennes, D-Day and Crete). So I aim to read those as well.

It felt a bit like listening to an extended version of "The World at War" - the narrator had a similar grim-sounding voice. Most of my notes are of the "I never knew that" variety:

Since finishing the book, I re-watched "Band of Brothers" which had a lot of placenames that were familiar after reading this book. I've got "The World at War" lined up next.

Completed : 18-Mar-2019 (audiobook)

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