Secret Prey, by John Sandford

The chairman of a bank takes four of his managers out on a hunting trip. They separate and set themselves up in hides, waiting for deer. Then the chairman is shot, and it looks like any of the managers could have done it - and they all could have had a reason to. Enter Lucas Davenport

What a treat to get another Sandford book. The past few audiobooks I've had have been a bit dull: I've been turning them off and listening to the radio instead, because I couldn't get into them. For this book, I was turning it off and listening to the radio because I wanted to make it last - his writing is really good.

I think this must follow from Sudden Prey, because Weather has left Lucas after the events described in that book, and Lucas isn't sure whether they'll be able to get back together. In this book, he and Detective Cheryl (Sherril?) have a fling: this hasn't finished at the end of the book, and I can't remember what happens in later books to get Lucas and Weather back together.

You can't accuse Sandford of sticking to a formula: in this book, we find out who did it about half-way through - I think usually you know fairly early on, or not until the end - and Lucas slowly comes to realise who the murderer must be in the second half of the book. As is sometimes the case, bits of the plot stretch credulity a bit but the writing is so good, and Lucas is so cool, that it's just a pleasure to read and a real disappointment to finish.

Re-read in 2014. Enjoyed it again. Good quote - "we've got so many clues we need a secretary to keep track of them"

Weather features in this one, but she and Lucas are now separated, following the last events in the previous book. Doesn't look like there's much scope for reconciliation, and Lucas has an affair with Marcie Sherrill (sp?).

Completed : 15-May-2008 (audiobook)

Completed : 21-Jul-2014 (audiobook)

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