Shadow Prey, by John Sandford

In which Lucas investigates a series of killings apparently committed by a bunch of Indians (native Americans, that is), none of whom seems too bothered about whether he or she gets caught.

Second Prey book, following on from Rules of Prey. And given that the first one was a little bit weak, I hadn't been over-excited about this. But it was a good one: seems like Sandford got into his stride pretty quickly.

Pretty good yarn: in this one you know who the baddies are from the start, and it's up to Lucas to catch up with you. A twist here was that while Lucas normally relies on informants to gather information about an ongoing set of crimes, he has no snitches in the Indian community, and so he's forced to be a bit creative in deciding who to lean on and how.

In this book, Lucas is in a relationship with Jennifer, who's the mother of his daughter. But he also falls for Lily, a detective who's been seconded as an observer from the NYPD, and so the Jennifer thing looks like it's on the way out.

The only one I've not read now is Phantom Prey.

Completed : 08-Sep-2008

Listened to it again in 2014 as part of the project to listen to them all in order. I'd forgotten it almost completely. The book introduces Del and Sloane, and Lily (I can't remember whether she turns up in more books, although at the end of this one she's definitely still in the picture).

I didn't think this is one of the best ones - I didn't really like the Indian stuff. In the postscript, Sandford says that this started as a social commentary novel, but re-worked it because he social commentary doesn't play well in a book that's meant to be a thriller. It does still have echoes of that in it though.

It feels like Sandford is still finding his way a bit with Lucas.

Completed : 11-Mar-2014

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