Sharpe's Sword, by Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe arrives with Wellington's army at Salamanca in Spain, where he's pursuing Colonel Leroux, a prisoner who escaped after reneging on his promise of parole, and killing his guard. Leroux manages to find sanctuary in the city, which is occupied by the French, and a subsequent attack by the British comes to nothing after the enemy is tipped off in advance by a traitor. When the French are finally beaten, Leroux escapes, and nearly kills Sharpe, who, as he recovers, is determined to have his revenge.

I think this was a pretty good one in the series - with fighting, strategy, treachery, love and revenge - but it didn't grab me: I wasn't in the mood I suppose. Maybe worth reading again another day but I think I'll give Sharpe a rest for a while.

Completed : 03-Jul-2007 (audiobook, read by William Gaminara)

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