Sharpe's Trafalgar, by Bernard Cornwell

This book follows chronologically from Sharpe's Fortress and precedes Sharpe's Prey, both of which I've already read. In this book Sharpe gets on a ship bound for England, but owing to some double-dealing the boat is diverted from its intended course and ends up fighting in the battle of Trafalgar.

This was a good one: not many battles (except at the end) but quite a good story, and didn't seem contrived. As well as the adventure, there was romance, with Sharpe falling for Lady Grace, who's travelling with her politician husband on the same voyage. Sharpe's Prey talks about Lady Grace, so this filled in some gaps.

Didn't feel like story had been bent too much to fit Sharpe into this famous set-piece battle, except maybe where he was invited to breakfast with Nelson himself...

I enjoyed the book, but probably one naval saga is enough and I am looking forward to meeting Sharpe again on dry land.

Completed : 21-Aug-2005

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