Silent Prey, by John Sandford

This turned out to be a sequel to Eyes of Prey. The pathologist from that book, Becker, escapes from the courthouse while he's on trial, and Davenport is called on, ostensibly to help find Becker. But as well as Becker, there's another problem which Davenport is asked to help with: a vigilante group of police officers is executing criminals (a la Magnum Force), and the hope is that Davenport can find out who's involved.

I thought this was really well done. The story of how Lucas could be brought in to investigate two cases, one overtly and one covertly, was very plausibly told, and the way that the action from both cases mixed worked very well. There was a twist in the plot towards the end, which I didn't see coming, which cast the previous story in a new light. And while it maybe straining the credulity a bit, it added extra interest. There was no time when I was reading this that I got bored.

Again, this wasn't really the exact same type of story as any of the other prey books, and I'm impressed with Sandford's ability to come up with new ideas. Maybe the book wasn't quite as gripping as Eyes of Prey or Naked Prey, but it was nevertheless a really good read. And again, Richard Ferrone did a brilliant job.

Re-read in 2012. Excellent again - I'd remembered the beginning of the book, with Becker escaping from prison, but forgotten most of the rest, including the parallel story of a vigilante group of policemen in New York (which was alluded to in a later novel).

Maybe I've read a few too many Prey books in a row recently, so I'll force myself to take a break.

Re-read in 2014. Still good! Lily's back in this one.

Completed : 26-May-2006 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

Completed : 07-Jun-2012 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

Completed : 29-Apr-2014 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

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