Silken Prey, by John Sandford

This one has Lucas crossing paths with Taryn Grant, a would-be senator who's got a couple of ex-special-ops soldiers in her team. Taryn's main political rival is caught up in a kiddie-porn scandal, and it's up to Lucas to prove that Grant's team has something to do with it.

Had this one on order as soon as it appeared in the library catalogue, and I think I was probably the first person to borrow it.

Maybe not the best of the series story-wise, but a joy to listen to, and to experience the unbeatable combination of Davenport and Richard Ferrone again.

I read a recent interview with Sandford where he said he'd worried a bit that Lucas had killed too many people, and that he didn't want Lucas turning into a character who always ends up shooting the bad guys. This book does have violence and murder, but Lucas isn't directly involved.

One thing I was a bit un-keen on in this book was the involvement of Kidd, who's some kind of computer-wizz. I think Kidd may have appeared in other Prey books - I can't remember - but Sandford has written a couple of Kidd novels which I never read. What I didn't like in this book was the way that Kidd had the ability to hack into any system to get whatever information Lucas wanted. This felt a bit deux-ex-machina - I'd rather that Lucas had used more conventional investigative techniques.

There is the hint at the end of this book that Lucas might cross paths again with Taryn - she's not as interesting as Clara Rinker, but all the same I wouldn't mind hearing more about her.

Completed : 23-Dec-2013 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

Completed : 15-Jul-2016 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

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