The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith

After enjoying the first Cormoran Strike book I was waiting for this one to turn up as a 99p kindle deal. It didn't, but I found it in the charity shop.

The story of this one is about a novelist who's murdered in a gruesome way that reflects the plot of his last (unpublished) novel, the manuscript of which appears to libel just about everyone he ever worked with.

Like the previous book, there were people in this story who seemed to be based on real celebrities. E.g.

Between them was a shaven headed ex-soap star who had recently played a soldier in a BBC drama
If she means Ross Kemp, why doesn't she say so?

But the plot isn't that important really, because what's more enjoyable is the character of Strike, as well as Robin, who's still working for him in this book. Their relationship is really nicely done, and at the end of the book I felt I wanted to keep reading more about them. Just around the time I finished this one, the third in the series came out. But I don't think that'll be 99p in the kindle store for a while, and there's a huge queue for it at the library. Maybe it'll turn up in the charity shop.

Completed : 13-October-2015

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