Sleep Tight, by Rachel Abbott

A woman calls the police to report her husband is missing; one of the police remembers something happening to this family before, so perhaps there are dark secrets in the closet?

This was in the genre of Into the Darkest Corner, but not really any good. Some notes I made:

If an author is going to involve technology in the plot why not get someone to check out the tech details? E.g. there's a passage with a techical "expert" explaining what he's found when he looks at "the log on Mrs. Brook's laptop" answering a question from one of the police:

"Why not route it round the world to disguise it, and confuse us completely?" "Not much good with FaceTime. The signal wouldn't be strong enough and the video would degrade"

Arrgh, yes that well known phenomenon of digital signals degrading if they have to travel through too many routers on the internet...

It seemed like it might have a twist in it, with a narrator who you were uncertain about, but it fairly quickly turned out to be more straightforward than that. Weak plot and some unnecessary details about blooming personal relationship between detective and his girlfriend which was obviously just there to set the scene for another book in te series. Which I WON'T be reading

Completed : 24-Jan-2015

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