Sleepyhead, by Mark Billingham

Serial killer has struck three times, fourth victim doesn't die but is in a comatose state. Then we find the first three victims were "mistakes" - he was aiming for the vegetative state each time! Can our hero solve the case in time to prevent further attacks?

This book got quite good reviews but I thought it was pretty poor - the whole thing seemed pretty cliched as we get:

One slightly interesting thing is the "locked-in syndrome" which the killer is aiming for: this was also described in Thinks..., and the same example mentioned in that book (of Jean-Dominique Bauby, who dictated the book "The Diving-bell and the Butterfly" using just his eyelid) was referred to here.

Anyway, I won't be reading the follow-ups.

Completed : 17-Feb-2004

Read it again in 2015, having completely forgotten that I'd read it before. I must have liked it more this time, because I did have a look to see if I had the next one in the series. So in fact I might read them after all...

Completed: 15-Oct-2015

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