Snow Blind, by P J Tracy

This is the one where it appears a serial killer is mudering people and then sticking the corpses in snowmen.

It was set in Minneapolis, so I couldn't help but think of Lucas Davenport. And this book also talks about the BCA, which I thought was something John Sandford had made up, but I see it's a real entity ("The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension"). Oh, that's a shame, I thought she was doing it as an homage to the Prey books.

The Monkeewrench team made a minor appearance in this book, but it was mostly focused on the cops. I quite like the idea of the Monkeewrench thing, but perhaps the author(s) can't think of good ways of making use of them: it seems like mostly they're hacking through series of impenetrable of firewalls to get at some crucial info.

This was another good read. As in Dead Run, it wasn't entirely a standard plot, and the story had a a nice sense of moral ambiguity. Fast and undemanding to read, I'll check out whether the charity shop has Live Bait, which is the only other one I've not read I think.

Completed : 21-Sep-2009

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