Spanish Steps, by Tim Moore

Travelogue written by Tim Moore, who did the pilgrim's walk to Santiago with a donkey. I think this must be the same trip that Laurence went on in Therapy.

I got this out of the library after the Guardian reviewed the (abridged) audiobook version, and said it was really funny. Well, three weeks later and it's due back and I'm not going to renew it - for the first time in two years I'm giving up on a book. It's not dreadful, it's just not that interesting. I can see there are humourous bits: I did get a chuckle out of his descriptions of all the different types of diseases donkeys get, but that was right at the start of the book, and there hasn't been anything since then which was as good. Maybe the audiobook includes that bit and then a load of stuff that I never reached.

I haven't got far enough to know whether Moore experienced any kind of spiritual awakening, but he doesn't come across to me as a particularly likeable person - I get the impression he did the journey and took a donkey because he thought it would make a good book, which seems not in the spirit of it.

I learned a bit about the pilgrim's way, and the history of Spain, but not a lot because he tries to be funny about all the stuff he tells you, and it got on my nerves.

Not really very interesting.

NOT Completed : 10-Dec-2004

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