Split Images, by Elmore Leonard

I had worried that Leonard might not work as a book-on-tape but this was seven and a half hours of bliss spread over a couple of weeks out walking at lunchtimes. The reader was American, which helped, and he "did the voices" without going over the top. Story is familiar Leonard territory, with a plot that just seems to materialise out of nowhere, this time concerning a bored playboy plotting to kill criminals. The dialog is so well done, and is laugh-out-loud funny in places. I've got another one on order from the library.

Re-listened in 2010 and it was pretty good this time too. The sections with Robbie, the playboy, discussing his plot with the bent ex-policeman who he's hired as a bodyguard, were really funny.

Completed : 04-Feb-2003 (audiobook)

Completed : 19-Apr-2010 (audiobook)

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