STAGS, by M.A. Bennett

YA book about Greer, a working class girl who's won a scholarship to an exclusive school where the "Medievals", children who've come from monied families, look down on those who have no money, or who've only come into it recently. When Greer is invited to a weekend at the country estate of the main Medieval, she finds it impossible to resist. But sinister things are afoot.

Very "readable". I liked the narrator with her chatty down-to-earth style. The actual plot was quite predictable, and you could see how things were going to work out, but I did enjoy listening to it. I listened to the second half of it while I was doing the 2019 IoW Randonnee.

Greer's father is a wildlife filmmaker, and the two of them (her mother disappeared when Greer was young) watch a lot of films together. There are consequently many references to movie plots ("it was like that bit in Indiana Jones..."), some of which I knew, but some of which I think I might have had spoiled by reading this book (not a criticism, more an observation).

Completed : 5-May-2019 (audiobook)

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