Stamboul Train, by Graham Greene

Set in 1932, this is set on the Orient Express as it journeys from London to Istanbul. The story is of various passengers on the train as they meet and influence each other's lives.

It was billed on the cover as "espionage" which I think was stretching it a bit: admittedly one of the players is an exiled agitant who's making his way back to Belgrade to assist in an uprising, but there wasn't much spying going on.

Good writing, good characterisation, and interesting stories. Mabel Warren (a newspaper journalist) was particularly good as an aging alcoholic with an eye for a good story: she had previously covered the trial of the Serbian (can't remember his name) and so gets on the train and tries to persuade him to give her an exclusive.

Decent stuff.

Completed : 01-Dec-2004 (audiobook)

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