Star Island, by Carl Hiaasan

Really poor. Over-long. I think I quite liked the first Hiaasan book (Strip Tease) I read, but now remember reading a couple more that were just too long and not very funny (I think maybe I was lucky with the first one). This has "Skink" who's a recurring character - ex Florida governor who lives as a wildman.

The plot is about a young female pop singer, Cherry Pie, and the actor Ann deLucia (sp?) who is Cherry's stand-in and appears at parties etc. whenever Cherry is in one of her regular rehab sessions.

In what I think is a common trope for CH books, everyone in the story is completely unlikeable and selfish and venal, with the exception of a single "normal" character - in this case Ann, who needless to say eventually triumphs as the rest of the cast double cross one another and generally come to sticky ends.

I think this audiobook was made considerably worse by the reader, who used a sort of heavily cynical, or sarcastic voice all the time. Example sentence "Janet Bunterman had long ago chosen to overlook her offspring's promiscious fondness for drugs and alcohol, and on this particular occasion decreed that a late snack of spoiled shellfish was to blame for Cherry's current debilitation". Imagine that being read with a sort of sneer, and then imagine just about every other bit of narrative being read with exactly the same intonation.

Completed : 14-November-2016 (audiobook)

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