The Status Civilization, by Robert Sheckley

Science fiction novel from 1960. This has the hero (who, at the start of the book, doesn't know his own name) being transported to a prison planet after having had his mind wiped for committing a crime on earth. Omega, the prison planet, is populated by other criminals who've formed a society that has its own set of rules which Will Barrett (he gets told his name as he arrives on Omega) must learn and adapt to.

Pretty good read, and didn't feel too dated. The mind wiping idea had some interesting effects: the way that the characters on Omega wanted to try and remember what earth was like, and then when they did think they'd remembered, they disagreed with themselves about who was right.

And when Will manages to get together with a group who plans to send someone back to earth in order to try and subvert the system, they have to try and deduce what it must be like on earth, so that when they get there they'll know how to behave and not stand out as unusual.

Would try some more by this author.

Completed : 01-Nov-2014

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