Stolen, by Tess Gerritsen

Clea Rice has witnessed the sinking of a cargo boat and shooting of its crew, but knows that her life is in peril until she can obtain evidence which she can use to convince the authorities what happened. But when she tries breaking into a house, she encounters Jordon Tavistock, who just happens to be stealing some love-letters as a favour to a friend. Eventually, the two form an alliance, and find that both of them are in deadly danger from the sinister criminal organisation which sank the boat.

I think this must have been a very early effort from Gerritsen which has been dug up and republished in the light of her more recent popular work. It's pretty bad though. Very immature writing, and more like romantic fiction than crime. If I read any more of hers I'll make sure they've got a recent publication date.

Completed : 3-Mar-2008

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