Stolen Prey, by John Sandford

Lucas is called to the scene of a particularly vicious crime: an entire family has been tortured and murdered in their home. Suspicion soon falls on a Mexican crime gang, who appears to be trying to track down someone who's betrayed their money laundering operation.

Had this a while but was putting off the pleasure of reading it. I'm now up to date with the Prey books and so only get to read one a year (assuming he carries on publishing at that rate). It's a year since I read the last new one.

This was another great read. Maybe not one of the best, but even an average Prey book is better than most other crime fiction, and this was above average. Again, I was relishing time in the car (and on the bike) when I could listen to a bit more of the story. At the start of CD 7, I realised that there were 9 CDs altogether, not the 8 I'd assumed, and experienced a real thrill of anticipation at the extra time the story had to unfold.

The actual crime plot in here was quite good - the original double-cross of the Mexicans does seem like it has a good chance of success, and the way that the Mexicans manage to work out what's going on while at the same time Lucas is trying to find both parties is handled well. There was also a little subplot with Capslock tracking down a thief who'd made off with a piece of sculpture which was OK although it didn't have as much impact on the rest of the story as I thought it might.

Looking forward to the next one, Silken Prey which is due to be published next month.

Completed : 17-Apr-2013 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

Completed : 07-Jul-2016 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

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