Storm Prey, by John Sandford

This is the one where there's a robbery at the hospital where Weather is working, and she turns out to be one of the only people who has witnessed the criminals and so can tie them to the accidental murder of an orderly who got in the way during the burglary. Weather is also involved in an operation to separate Siamese twins, and so is not keen following instructions from Lucas about keeping herself safe.

This wasn't one of the outstanding ones, but it was a solid effort, and good to know that Sandford can still churn them out. Virgil Flowers makes an appearance in this one, although doesn't take a very large part.

Re-listened to in 2015. This was slightly odd because it's one that Lesley had on her ipod on repeat, so I've sorted of heard snatches of it and assumed it would be really familiar, but in fact it turned out I'd forgotten reasonable amounts of it.

Enjoyed it again.

Completed : 29-Mar-2011 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

Completed : 03-Feb-2015 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

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