Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiaasen

This one's set in Florida after a major hurricane causes devastation across the state, and follows the stories of some unscrupulous individiuals who are trying to exploit the misfortunes of those who have suffered in the tragedy, as well as some of the almost-as-unscrupulous individuals who are trying to bring them to justice.

I thought this was readable, but, like Skinny Dip, a bit too long and not nearly as engaging as Strip Tease. In fact it shared the same structure as Skinny Dip: in both books a feisty woman ditches her husband (who turns out to be a complete bozo - how could she ever have hooked up with him?) and teams up with a guy who's a bit of a free spirit on an adventure which involves the husband getting taught a lesson, which he is too thick skinned to appreciate.

The book also shares a character with Skinny Dip - that of "Skink", the ex-Florida governor who's living wild in the everglades. Skink has a central role in this book but is only briefly mentioned in the other (I'm not sure which was written first).

OK but not worth reading again.

Completed : 12-Oct-2006 (audiobook)

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