Strange Weather in Tokyo, by Hiromi Kawakami

This was an Amazon Kindle 99p deal of the day which I didn't buy, but the description sounded interesting enough to make me order it from the library.

Unfortunately I couldn't get on with it - it just didn't grab me. There was a nice quote in it, where the girl says:

The truth was, doing t hese things with him made me feel proper. "Proper" is perhaps a strange way to put it. It was more like the way I felt about leaving on the obi, the extra band that sometimes came on a dust jacket, after I had bought a book, rather than throwing it away. Sensei would probably be angry if he knew I was comparing him to the band on a dust jacket.
I knew exactly what she meant, but wouldn't have thought to give a name to that paper band.

Gave up : 14-January-2017

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