Sudden Prey, by John Sandford

This opens with the police (including Davenport) following a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like pair of criminals to a Western Union(?) office in order to catch them in the act of holding it up. A gunfight follows and the robbers get killed. This leads to the brother of one of the dead girls determining to take revenge on the members of the police-force who were involved.

Basically, this was a good one. The guy with the vendetta recruits a couple of other misfits, and all three are happy to take out as many cops as they can, presuming that they're not going to get out of the situation alive. Weather becomes one of those on the list of targets, and so Lucas has to juggle his pursuit of the killers with protecting Weather, who doesn't want to be stuck in a safe hotel out of the way somewhere.

Will be worth re-reading.

And, I did re-read (on audiobook) in 2014

Again, I noticed that Sandford is varying a bit: nearly all the first books in the series had a serial killer with a trail of victims; this one is nothing like that.

This book is significant in that towards the end of the book, Weather is taken hostage by the killer, and (believes that she) persuades him to give up, only minutes before he's shot dead on Lucas's orders. This situation appears to be sort of resolved at the end of the book, but has ramifications in later books.

Completed : 12-Apr-2007

Completed : 10-Jul-2014 (audiobook)

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