Suspect, by Robert Crais

Maggie is a bomb-sniffer(?) dog whose owner is killed in Afghanistan (or Iraq) and who becomes a police dog, working with Scott. But Maggie is still traumatised by her experiences, and Scott, who's partner was shot when he was with her, has his own demons. In the view of his superior offices, both Maggie and Scott are suspect.

I picked up the audiobook when I saw it because I've enjoyed other books by Robert Crais - although I avoid the Elvis Cole ones. This wasn't an Elvis Cole one.

But it was shockingly poor. This wasn't helped by the voice of the reader for this audiobook, who sounded like he was declaiming, rather than narrating, the book. But the story was really weak. Predictable - dog and Scott eventually form a bond; Scott eventually catches bad guys who killed his partner; dog comes in at the last minute and manages to save Scott's life.

Against my better judgement, some of the bits about the affection between Scott and Maggie were a bit emotive, but really, it was tosh.

Completed : 28-Apr-2015 (audiobook)

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